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Bioenergy Point Bioenergy Point Bioenergy Point

The company is registered for business operations in the area of renewable energy sources. Bioenergy is the leader in the pellet market in Serbia, and it started the production of wood pellets in October 2008 in its newly built production plant in Boljevac, in Eastern Serbia with a capacity of 35.000 tons per year.

The production plant boasts brand new equipment obtained in the Netherlands (CPM – presses), Germany (Bruks-Kloeckner – chipper), Croatia (Seting – drying plants) and Slovenia (Robotika – packing machines).

The company produces wood pellets by grinding, drying, additional chopping and pressing of the raw material (sawdust, wood chips, etc.). The pellets are made of 100% wood therefore they are denser and heavier, and that results in slower and more balanced combustion making them a highly efficient fuel. The production of pellets takes place under controlled conditions. They are produced in compliance with DIN 51731 standard, i.e. 6 mm diameter, up to 30 mm length, below 10% of moisture, with density over 1.12 kg/dm3.

One of the main advantages of wood pellets is that the ash content produced by the burning amounts to about 1%, with energy value of over 18 MJ per kilogram. Pellets are used for furnaces and heating boilers, in houses and flats, as well as in larger users’ premises.


Tel:+381 11 30 38 600 Fax:+381 11 30 38 605 Adress: Francuska 6, 11000 Belgrade Serbia

Production line Boljevac

Tel:+381 30 64 295 Fax:+381 30 64 278 Adress: Izvorski put bb, 19370 Boljevac Serbia