Sombormlin d.o.o. is a company situated in the industrial area of Sombor. The main activities of the company are storage of grain and processing of mercantile wheat.

The company owns a silo for the grain storage with a capacity of 20.000 tons, a drier with the capacity of 30tons /h, and the production facility for processing 120 tons of mercantile wheat per day. The product range includes: all types of flour and livestock feed flour with control of quality on daily basis in its own modern, well-equipped lab.

During 2012 and 2013 the production facilities underwent a major reconstruction and were re-equipped with new rollermills, rotary motion separator, electronic weighers for drive and control of operationsproduced by well-known manufacturers of mill equipment. This significantly increased product quality and quantity of the produced goods and ranked Sombormlin among one of the most modern production - milling plants in Serbia.

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Tel:+381 25 54 13 899 Fax:+381 25 54 18 199 Address: Staparski put bb, 25000 Sombor Serbia